Come in and see us any time and find out about becoming a member. We will be delighted to show you around the gym and to answer any questions you may have.


The following table details our pricing structure for use of the Gym :

Full Membership £35 per person per month via Standing Order.
£32.50 per person per month via Standing Order, for couples or corporate concessions for companies with ten or more members joining together.
£17.50 per person (under 16's only) per month via Standing Order (plus £5 joining fee)
£350 per person per year
(includes 2 MONTHS FREE)
Guest Fee £10.00 per person per workout session, which gives you the ability to try us out.
£5.00 per person per workout session, for U16's.
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We are almost unique in that there are no rolling or year-long contracts, as we feel either we are doing something wrong or you have a genuine reason to leave.

As you may be aware most gyms try to enforce contracts knowing many people don't even train and threaten court action if you try to cancel. We do not operate this policy, and anyway by just saying the facilities and/or staff are not up to standard on a particular occasion could probably justify you cancelling such a contract!